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Brivis StarPro B-Max BH28EN Series 29.0KW

Brivis StarPro B-Max BH28EN Series 29.0KW
Brivis StarPro B-Max BH28EN Series 29.0KW
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Brand: Brivis 
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The Brivis StarPro series has an advanced Energy

Management System (EMS). The main benefit of the EMS

is zoning, which effectively means you can divide your

home into up to four separate heating areas or, if you

want the whole house heated at the same time, you can

heat all zones at once. The whole zoning process is

automatically controlled by the Brivis Networker

Aligned with the EMS, another great energy advance is

the exclusive Brivis Adaptive Zoning System; the

ability of the StarPro series to reduce its output by up

to 80%. The heater detects how many zones you

are currently operating and reduces the energy and fan

output to match this requirement automatically. This

means that if you only want certain parts of your

house heated, you're not wasting energy


The Brivis StarPro series comprises both the Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) High Efficiency range and Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) Medium Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating range.

The StarPro MAX range includes models with up to 5.8 Star Rating (HX23), providing the highest level of comfort, for the least running cost.

• High Efficiency (up to 5.8 stars).

• On-board diagnostics.

• Brivis adaptive zoning.

• Installation flexibility.

• Advanced control options.

• Brivis ICE Add-on refrigerated cooling system

Item Description
Length 1096 mm
Width 568 mm
Height 1222 mm
Weight 72
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